Hello Web!

Maybe it's because I'm trying to put off other things I should be doing, but I set up a website where I'll be mirroring some of my logs from my gemini capsule to.

I went with neocities even though I have a domain and server I could use. I'm just looking for simplicity and neocities definitely offers that.

Not all my posts will be available there. Just the less personal ones or ones that might have broader appeal. It'll be nice to have somewhere on the web I can point people to that's not a gemini proxy.

As much as gemini has helped me realize what a waste of time fiddling with CSS can be, I'm pretty happy with the styling I was able to come up with. It should be very reminiscent of a certain popular gemini browser.

To convert my posts from gemtext to html I'm using this node library.

It works pretty well, but I don't like all the pointless line break tags it inserts so I'm cleaning those up manually. My process of mirroring is a bit more manual than most I think, but it's as good as I'll get it without making big changes to my tooling and workflow.

By the way, if anyone got any good pictures of the lunar eclipse last night I'd be interested to see them! Mountains and clouds kept getting in the way for me.

- moddedBear / 2022-05-16